Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Lagos - Gist reaching us is that Nigerian sex symbol and mega superstar, Mr 2Face Innocent Idibia, has had his membership of The Illuminati cult revoked. This shocking news
which has been remotely and telepathically verified by an expert on all things to do with The Illuminati, Dr Zen Solonso, has generated mixed reactions in Nigeria.

While some Fans of the star see the cult's action as nothing but racism, other admirers are just thanking God for finally delivering Mr 2Face from the attempt by the cult to make him start turning white like they did with Michael Jackson (who they claim, was also a member).

Attempts to speak to the star proved abortive as he was on tour in the UK at the time of this report but authoritative sources have revealed the reason for his disgraceful expulsion from the cult.

Apparently, The Illuminati’s decision has more to do with other Nigerians than with Mr Idibia.

The Grand Fibber of the cult, Count Bollocksky, learnt that a purely satirical story claiming 2Face had joined the Illuminati was mistaken by many Nigerians for a true and factual exposé.

This led the Grand Fibber to consult with members of the cult's Order of Pecks and it was decided that they didn't want any Nigerian members anymore.

They moved to revoke Mr Idibi's membership, but only then did they discover that he wasn't even a member in the first place.

Sadly, (or some may say, thankfully), due to the gullibility of many Nigerians and the apparent dearth of enlightenment that made supposedly educated adults and even government officials unable to recognise satire, no Nigerian can now ever dream of joining The Illuminati cult ever again.

- Jowo Mabinu

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