Friday, 23 March 2012

No Recognition for Mali Coup leaders!

Coup Leader, Captain Amadou Sanogo
President Goodluck Jonathan asked the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union and the international community not to recognise the military usurpers.
He said his government “would never recognise any unconstitutional regime.”
Jonathan said the coup was “an apparent setback to the consolidation of democracy” and urged reinstatement of the deposed government. “The coup plotters have only embarked on a fruitless mission of supplanting a constitutional government by other means which goes against the current global grain of constitutionalism,” he said.

Jonathan demanded an immediate reinstatement of the government of President Amadou Toumani Toure, who was forced to flee his palace during the overnight coup.

He urged the coup plotters to allow the ongoing democratic process in the country to run its full course and not to do anything that would truncate the electoral process, especially the presidential election slated for next month.
ECOWAS condemns action
Economic Community of West African States condemned the coup. “ECOWAS strongly condemns the misguided actions of the mutineers and warns that it will not condone any recourse to violence as a means of seeking redress,” said a statement by the organization.
ECOWAS said it had followed with “dismay and mounting concern” events in Bamako, the capital. It said the action by the military was “all the more reprehensible” coming amid regional and international peace efforts to end the Tuareg-led rebellion in the north of the country.
US, AU, EU join condemnation
A statement from the White House press secretary called for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule in Mali. It said the United States stands by the legitimately elected government of President Toure. The U.S. embassy in the capital, Bamako, also said it is monitoring the situation closely. It advised U.S. citizens to stay indoors.
The chairman of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, released a statement strongly condemning the rebellion and saying it has “no justification whatsoever.”

In its reaction, European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned the mutiny. “We condemn the coup d’etat that seems to have happened in Bamako and the suspension of the Republican Institutions in the country,” said Michael Mann, the spokesperson for EU foreign policy chief Ashton. “And we are calling for the constitutional order to be re-established as soon as possible and that there should be democratic elections very soon as well.”
France suspends cooperation with Mali
•UN expresses deep concern
And former colonial power France said it is suspending cooperation with Mali, while urging that President Toure not be harmed.
Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said in a statement France was suspending some security cooperation with Mali. “We will maintain our aid to the population, particularly food aid, and we will continue our efforts in the fight against terrorism,” Juppe said
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday he was following the unrest in Mali with “deep concern.”

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