Thursday, 12 April 2012


The sore, incompetent, hopeless and cannibal northern politicians funding the aimless and murderous group referred to as Boko Haram have actually one thing you can say for them...they are laughable. To imagine that anybody in their right senses would think that a bunch of spineless cowards would bring Nigeria down is absurd, ludicrous and ridiculous.
Of course Boko Haram would kill a lot more of innocent women and children. They would massacre more of even their fellow muslims who go about their daily business, looking for daily bread and money to sustain their families. That would be the ultimate achievement of Boko Haram and their contemptible and loathsome collaborators and supporters.

For decades the northern political elite have ground the nose of their masses in poverty, ignorance and fanaticism. Now they have what they asked for. An endless wave of callous and brainwashed generation who hide their worldly frustrations under the shadow of islamic jihad. Jihad? Boko Haram is an insult to the word. The Holy Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, would not treat his prisoners of war the way Boko Haram treats their fellow muslims. Since their onslaught started, this grove of regrettable monsters have killed more muslims than christians, more northerners than southerners. So, what do they stand for?

They do not like 'western education' but every time they want to say something they run to youtube: the apex of social evolution coming from western education. Why don't they scratch their messages with charcoal on wood and hand it round on the streets?

Politicians have always been our curse in this country. They rob the country blind and stick the nose of the masses in poverty...and now they have come out also to start killing us, in the name of Boko Haram? It is time to take back Nigeria from her murderous politicians. It is time to start fighting back. If the politicians want to kill us off then we should kill them off before they even start. They have started already...so, when should the revolution start?

Talk to your neighbour. Stay alert. Nobody gave you this life. Nobody has the right to take it from you. When you go out to find what you and your children would eat nobody has the right to come and bomb you to death. Stay alert! Do not give in to fear. Watch and listen for the trumpet of change, signaling the time to take back our beloved country from both the clueless and the shoeless politicians now threatening to annihilate us.

Boko Haram is not a religious movement. It is a political tool, designed to protect the devilish interests of some elite northern PDP man-eaters.

Be ready to move against these spineless idiots when the trumpet sounds. And it is going to sound soon. Soon.

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