Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Flamboyant Nigerian Pastor and Founder of the Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel,Bishop David Oyedepo will tomorrow appear before an Ogun State High Court over a N2billion suit filed against him  for slapping a young lady in his Church during deliverance Section some time last year. Oyedepo was rumoured to have slapped the young lady during a church service (deliverance section) where the Bishop accused the girl of being a witch
which she affirmed but claimed to be a witch for Christ, and was consequently given the dirtiest slap of her life in order to exorcise her of demonds as claimed by the man of God.
bishop oyedepo
Bishop Oyedepo during an interview in his office
However,  Video of the incidence was later published on the internet which drew widespread condemnation from members of the public, though the Bishop went round defending it, saying he will slap more if the opportunity again presents itself.   
Speaking on behalf of the young Lady, Mr.  Robert  Igbinedion Esq who filed the suit started that effort are in place to compel the Ogun State Police Commissioner to investigate the allegation. 
He added that he will also make effort to contact the embassies of those Countries frequently visited by Bishop Oyedepo so as to place a travel ban on him to prevent him from running away.  
"To let him know we are serious, I'm going to send a petition to the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, I'm also going to send copies of the petition to the American Embassy, the UK and the EU to stop him from coming to their Countries" Igbinedion told PM News. 
The suit is amongst others, compelling the man of God to pay the total sum of N2billion to the assaulted  girl as what Igbinedion termed "general and exemplary damages", issue an apology to the young lady to be personally signed by the man of God and published in at least 2 widely read National Dalies, and one international Station on Satellite. 
Oyedepo who ia said to be Nigerian wealthiest man of God of all time has a net wealth estimated to be over N20billion as revealed by Forbs Magazine rating of 2011.

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