Friday, 4 May 2012


Let me get straight to the point, eating pussy is quite a turn on for me. There’s no feeling like the feeling you get when you realize you can give immense pleasure to your woman. To have her moan and scream as you eat her out. And when she reaches the big O, that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with the knowledge that you’ve given her total satisfaction (and the knowledge that she’ll be coming back for more). All women who love to have their pussies eaten out want them eaten right.

I know for sure that I didn’t get it right all the time when I started out. And I still don’t get it right all the time. But with a bit of practice and a lot of effort I am able to get it done right a good amount of the time.
Now, for the pussy eater to really go at it like it was his last meal (speaking from a male pussy eater’s perspective only), he needs to be comfortable with the idea of diving “down there”. And she needs to be comfortable with the idea of her guy poking his face in her modesty. Now, when guys are apprehensive about going down on a woman, they’re usually thinking hygiene, smell and to an extent, taboo.
Hygiene, that’s a simple one to deal with: Ladies, good regular baths, nicely trimmed bushes (you could have your guy help you out in the shower) will tell your partner that you are ready to be pleasured. I’ve always appreciated a woman who kept herself clean and nice down there. Don’t expect any self-respecting dude to go down on “jus anytin”. Now, smell: I still can’t get over the experience I had the first time I gave head to a woman. Her scent was overpowering and it wasn’t until I was with other women that I realized that her’s was way TOO STRONG. She was an athlete and didn’t wash very well or sometimes not at all. You could smell her from a mile away when she took off her jeans. Phew! Now that I know better, I realize how risky that was.
My last girlfriend used to use a simple, fragrance-free soap to keep herself clean and fresh. And she didn’t douche, use scented soaps/sprays or some weird concoctions either. And with this warm, often humid climate, those tight, non-breathable jeans really don’t help much. I don’t think I need to talk too much about this, y’all know this. There are several good resources on the net on how to keep your “vajajay” clean and retain its unique smell. It is normal for a vagina to have a unique smell and guys, it is good to become familiar with this smell, so you’ll know if there’s a problem.
If you’re a guy and you think going down on a woman is taboo and disgusting, and you’re reading this, I don’t know what to say to you.
So, the two of you are in the mood for some lovin’. How do you get started? Here, as in penetrative sex, foreplay is everything. I know, I know, some guys are going to complain about this one, but dude you’ve got to get her WARMED UP. Don’t rush to stick your tongue in her yoni. If you’ve been with her for a while, you probably know what she likes and dislikes in the foreplay department. I also suggest you listen to her, talk about what she’d like to have done to her, pay attention to how she reacts to your attentions etc. And when she’s ready to be eaten out, she’ll let you know or with a bit of practice, you’ll know.
My initial tendency was to go straight to the clitoris and lap at it like there was no tomorrow. Now, I know better. In the beginning, you can tease, nib, lick the vulva, the hood of the clitoris, and the clitoris once in a while (using your tongue, lips, teeth-careful with the teeth, nose etc). As she gets more and more into it you can turn more and more of your efforts to the clitoris. I won’t go into specific techniques (again, the internet is a great resource) mostly because I don’t know the names for some of the techniques that worked for my partners. But the figure “8″ is one technique that worked quite well. Remember to vary techniques and use your imagination. And most importantly, listen and pay attention to her. I cannot emphasize this more.
Ask for directions if you’re not sure and allow her guide you. One partner liked it when I inserted a finger or two into her while she was being eaten out. It always brought her closer to the brink faster. And when she was close to the big O, I learnt to follow her instructions almost to the letter. Though not all women issue instructions, try to know when she’s close so you can go faster and harder. Be patient and allow her to come down from her high when she orgasms. We’d often have regular penetrative sex after her orgasm which would sometimes lead to minor orgasms. Another technique to try is to eat her out until she’s at the brink and then switch to regular intercourse. The results can be quite spectacular.
Now, the important lessons here are: be comfortable with the idea of eating pussy; be clean and fresh; foreplay is everything; listen to her; and use your imagination. Hope you’ve picked up a few tips from here. Read more online, it’s all there, practice and ask questions.
One thing I’ve always wanted to know though is how lesbians get down to business and whether it’s different than when a guy does it. Hmmmm, I wonder…
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  1. You still have a lot to learn. 100% guarantee to get a woman to orgasm extremely quickly is to start by kissing her lips, moving to the neck and then sucking the breasts while your fingers drift down to the pussy, stroking the lips lightly and perhaps having your fingertip just brush the clitoris. The move your head down part your lips, and such her clitoris into your warm wet mouth and start sucking her clitoris like its a cock. It is after all her most pleasurable place. Sucking up and down with just your lips and as the pleasure grows… Flick with your tounge at the right moment and she will orgasm like you have not yet seen. Guaranteed.