Friday, 11 May 2012


Abounce, aka Iron Monkey

He has a new single. He has a new beat. But he hardly changed his jabs at the reality of the homegrown game. Picasso once said that art needs no interpretation...only good art. Since he first grabbed his first MIC in his teens Olakunle Fawole, (Abounce, aka Iron Monkey) has sort to define and interpret his own art, on his own terms. This Suru Lere reppin multi talented RAPPER, PRODUCER, ACTOR and self proclaimed 'all round nice guy' (*wink* at the chicks) set out right from the beginning to put his creative foot down on what swag means in real street cred. His delivery is smooth, his style is impeccable and his lyrics bear no respect for mediocrity. He started his rap career at Nigeria's version of Booga Basement, OJB JEZREEL's No 4 Gbaja Street SILVERPOINT STUDIOS. His premiere album: 'The Return of the Iron Monkey' was a testament of his class and verve. The runaway single from the album 'It's a Party' was a club anthem on the Lagos beat circuit.

What about Nollywood moves? There were the top rated TV series: Fuji House of Commotion, Apostle Kasali, and the flick Cash Money, which got him the AMAA nomination for Best Up coming Actor of the Year.

But the Iron Monkey is back again, right on top where he left off (to collect various accolades in the Nollywood arena, including nomination for the AMAA Awards), and this time he's dropping a single: Wave your arms. (from his new yet to be titled album). "I'm still the same ol' Abounce,' he says. "You hear them rap about champagne and wheels and sh...t. I rap about what I know, what I see, what I've done...and that's quite a lot.'

It is no lame talk. Abounce was the first Nigerian rapper to put out a double CD on a single album project, long before the mix tape trend became the mark of noisy street cats. New rap competition? 'Is there really any competition?' he wonders, back at the question. And this self confident visionary approach to the game is what drives the man: the creative injection of trends, the redefinition of swag. His new single, titled Wave Your Arms, is a club banger that is already ruling the airwaves. He is currently on location, shooting the video. (which by the way, we are going to bring EXCLUSIVELY to y'all!). Watching the streets always from his peculiar lyrical vision he says in Wave Your Arms: 'I ain't never seen it all, men/ or heard it all/ but trust me boy, I've been a part of it all...' Word, souljah.


  1. i luv abounce man! nigga lets hear ur new sh....t!

  2. abounce is d bomb!